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I am a fourth generation psychic, my style is to be direct compassionate and positive. I will not sugarcoat anything. I will tell you what I see as I see it. I specialize in love and relationships. I am able to connect with you or anyone that you ask about energetically by name and date of birth. I can tell you where your relationship is heading if he/ She is in love with you, interested or what they are thinking about you. Although I specialize in love, you can ask me about any situation: Business, career, finances, making decisions, family. I also specialize in places time frames lost and stolen objects with a brief description of the item and connecting with the spirit. I can help you locate it. THIS IS NOT A GAME PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO GUESS YOUR NAME. I do not play guessing games. I take my work with the spirit very serious and expect that you do as well. I look forward to helping my clients find a path that is right for them. If they succeed I feel like I have. You can expect an honest reading from me not what you want to hear but what you need to Hear In a very compassionate way. I am able to tap into past, present, and future with the help of my spirit guides and tools such as cards, crystals, runes to give you accurate and honest predictions


I have been reading since the age of 15 years old. I have been doing readings professionally for over 20 years. I have devoted truth and integrity in all of my readings. I am sincerely devoted to my work with the spirit and helping people find a path that is right for them. I find it beneficial to build a friendship and relationship with my clients. I have helped thousands of people and giving them clarity end guidance in a situation like love, marriage, business, making decisions, career and finances. In the course of my psychic practice, I have conducted many seminars workshops angel therapy and have participated in many radio and TV shows. I pride myself in being an honest reader and showing my clients compassion. I have many areas of expertise but I specialize in love and relationships. I am able to connect with your intended love one and tell you what they are feeling and where your relationship is heading. I look forward to connecting with you.


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