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Hi! Do you have a love and relationship question in mind? Perfect! I’m an intuitive tarot card reader who specializes in love and relationship readings. When reading for you, I use all my senses so that I can get the best reading possible. I’m an empath and blessed to posses the gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairvoyance (clear knowing) since I can recall at 5 years old. I use these gifts so that I can connect with Spirit and relay the messages intended for you. These could be regarding your specific question or just a necessary message which Spirit wishes for you to know and be aware of. My goal is to read for you during your personalized tarot card reading and and help guide you to get clarity. I use all my senses to feel that message and will typically use any deck that I feel drawn to for you along with a Romance Angel oracle card pull. I wish to establish a conversation and connect with you and your energy so that I can dive deep into a meditative state and listen to and feel the messages intended for you. Being born and raised in the islands submerged into the Yoruba religion and Orishas, has helped me establish a connection to Spirit which I wish to share with you. My passion is to help and guide you through my tarot cards readings. I would love to establish a relationship with you, where you think of my assistance in times of need.


I have been doing readings in person and online with great reviews and feedback from clients, friends and family members. My readings tend to be deep and make you reflect on what is going on in your life and think of possible solutions. I tend to be blunt without being disrespectful but I kind of get right to the point. Ever since I was young I have been seeing and hearing things such I now know to classify as Spirit. I am able to sense different feelings and intentions in people, which helps me identify the problem at hand and tackle it with guidance with the help of my tarot cards. I always play meditative music in the background, burn sage and palo santo as well as have my crystals at hand during readings. It all helps to form an environment, where I can tune into messages and relay them to you. I have successfully and accurately been able to describe current situations regarding topics from clients, with only their question to me. I use my cards to not so much tell the future, but to paint a picture in my mind of what is your current situation, so that I may then give you guidance and steer you in the right direction.

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Jul 5, 2018
Jul 5, 2018
accurate and straightforward:)
Jul 3, 2018
very good and picks up quickly
Jul 3, 2018
Amazing! Luna was quick and well connected to my issues. I had so much faith in her reading from the very outset. She is truly talented and I
highly recommend. her. I would definitely be happy to return for another reading. Thank you Luna!
Jul 3, 2018
thank you for your time and clarification
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