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I provide answers to all questions. Rider Waite tarot cards work as a tell tale map of situations that are often hidden wich are a key to life. This works both for the past, present and future.The Tarot provides what is called a non-linear view of thought, that is, a way of seeing situations that is comprehensive in its entirety from a point of view that escapes our reasoning, Why? Because the Tarot cards function as a spiritual tool that makes the unconscious that inhabits us and the world conscious; that which we cannot perceive with the conscious mind. In this way the unconscious becomes conscious, reaching a greater knowledge. Likewise, this knowledge can never be negative, since it focuses on the truth and our "spiritual self" is already aware of it, but we do it mentally conscious through the Tarot. I can offer a personality analysis from the date of birth according to the sign, also a couple analysis. I am also a Reiki level 3 (practicing teacher). Reiki and its symbols serve to emotionally, mentally and physically heal any situation to the past, present and future. I practice Reiki from a distance.


I have been working on reading letters for 9 years. I have knowledge of Astrology also for 9 years. I am a Reiki professional 2 years ago. My predictions were always right. I usually anticipate a future courtship by describing the person physically. With Reiki I can unlock any type of situation. For example, once I saw the tracks of the train in a session and it turns out that it was the transport that the individual took to go to the house of his best friend, who was key in the reading. I can also grow hair, heal bruises.

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