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Luna Aurora


I enjoy assisting others with their life journey. Everyone's path is unique. In times of confusion, I can help you gain clarity on the path that is right for you, and how to get there. I have many specialties, and depending on your situation will use the best possible methods to gain further insight into your journey. I give accurate and honest readings and will not veil you from the truth, but remain warm and compassionate to your concerns. I can perform psychic readings for you in any category you desire including love, money, and your career. I also perform dream analysis, astrology readings, and traditional tarot readings. In addition I have knowledge on the law of attraction and how to get where you want to be by using it and how you can apply it to your life, as well as assist you on clearing your energy fields (or chakras) to open you up to positive, new opportunities.


 I have been reading tarot cards, crystals and analyzing dreams my whole life. In addition, I have strong empathetic gifts that I use as assistance when making recommendations. I am currently obtaining my bachelor degree in psychology as well as going through training to be a reiki master.


wonderful, accurate, honest and straightforward reading:)
Luna you are amazing. So quick and detailed and now my new favorite!!! Thank you
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