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Hello! I am Clairvoyant,Medium,Channeler,Sensitive Empath,Intuitive,and Healer who has been providing readings for over 10 years.I also communicate within the metaphysical realms Archangels,Ascended Masters,Spirit guides,Nature,and the Higher-self my specialty areas are Romance/Relationships, Abundance,and your true spiritual path,A readings with me will provide you with happiness and peace to your heart and soul, I am confident after our first time together we will surpass any situation you may be facing. My main goal in this life is to use my spiritual gifts for the well being of all of humanity. I am sincere and genuine about the work I do, and I do it with love. I am a great listener and compassionate of others.


I have been doing professional readings for family,friends and people I meet in the road of life for over 10 years, I also do intuitive readings, using my Higher-self, Spirit-soul. I am a natural born healer with many spiritual gifts which I use for the greater good of humanity. Back in 2006 my 75 year old Mother who suffers from Osteoporosis, Fell down the stairs in our old home. I helped her get up and immediately started to perform Reiki healing on her. The Dr. told her that she might never recover to a 100% again and if she did that it would take a very long time. I did Reiki healing sessions on her everyday for three months the Dr. was amazed of her speedy recovery. Also in the early 2000's One of my old Co-workers, was told that he had Kidney stones, I started to do Reiki healing sessions on him for a few weeks, 2 months later the Dr. told him that it was miraculous how the kidney stones he had, had completely dissolved. The Psychic work and energy healing I do, I can testify that is real and authentic, I was born with this abilities. I have a very compassionate open mind and heart, I never judge. You can talk to me about anything, your problems, fears, worries, I am a great listener,I will answer all your questions accurately. I will channel all the answers you need from the Universe and good spirits of the light. Your confidentiality is my top priority. Whatever we talk about is safe with me. I look forward to meeting and connecting with you. Blessings of the highest light. - Luminous -

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sorry bunch of sadies I met long time ago
Thank you
wish somebody from SG could directly talk to me
thanks luminous
I was talking about channeling in the whole conversation all she told me was things that I already knew I want a refund
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