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CHANGE YOUR LUCK with personal readings by Luckky. Authentic, accurate advice on all things related to loving and living a L*U*C*K* filled life of abundance. TAROT ~ CARTOMANCY ~ ORACLES -- GET YOUR READING NOW! "You can't lose with Luckky on your side." ~Love~ Ask me about the"Croix ton Cœur" aka "Cross UR Heart" spread and get LOVE ADVICE on a whole new level exploring the 7 classical Greek loves and romantic Rosicrucian principles. Adult-rated decks and triple-X oracles when requested. ~Unity~ Learn how to magnetize YOUR DESIRE to you with my "Lucky 7" MANIFEST spread using various Raider-Waite storyteller decks to see the road, focus the mind, and align on your path. ~Cash~ General outlooks on CASH FLOW and career building with the "7-fold Flow" spread using money oracle and GOLD-PLATED cartomancy. ~Kabbalah~ For WITCHY advice for spell-casters, invoke the "Crowned Pentagram" using hermetic and Kabbalah based decks. OCCULT COACHING for planetary intentions.


Fast and friendly. 20 years of experience using Raider-Waite Tarot, cartomancy and oracle reading. Spellcraft and manifestation techniques range from a variety of traditions including Modern Wicca. Native American Shamanism, High Ceremonial Magick inspired by the Golden Dawn tradition, Rosicrucian Mysticism,Practical Kabbalah, Biblical/Psalms Magick, Christ Consciousness (Signs and Wonders), Faith Attraction, Hoodoo, New Orleans Voodoo, Mental Fascination and Intuitive Dream Interpretation. Decades of Biblical Scholarship, Judaic Studies, Hebraic History, African History, Egyptology, Yoruba, Hermetic Sciences, Messianic Kabbalah, Rasta and Hoodoo Folk-Magick. Modern Psychology, African Psychology, Theoretical Quantum Physics, Antediluvian Archaeology, Western Mythology and World History. Professional science and language teacher passionate about robotics, space exploration and futurism. Ongoing linguistic studies include, English, Hebrew, Latin, French and Spanish. Though this research, connecting cosmologies and synthesizing metaphysical frameworks along Tree of Life adds a depth to psychic readings that is hard to find. THANKS FOR JOINING ME AS WE DISCOVER THE MEANING BEHIND THE MUNDANE... CALL NOW!

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Amazing! thank you so much
all he said was 'okay' after i text him my concern. fake!
thank you
I just don’t get enough! Readings by Lucky are by far the best I’ve ever had! so much detail and gear advice. He can really tap into any situation on any level! Thanjs Lucky and I’ll let you know how the meeting goes!
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