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1. Be honest and explicit, the more I know about your situation the more I can uncover what is revealed in the cards. 

2. Give the names and birthdays of those you want to inquire about. This helps me to connect to their specific energy and more easily identify them in the cards 

3. Answer the questions. I will ask many questions as led by the cards because I care about you and give accurate insight.  Details will reveal the answer to your original question. 

4. Asking for exact dates will be tricky for any reader. Tarot readings are like weather reports and any number of factors, mostly your own actions will influence the outcome. 

5. Trust in the conversation that you are having with your reader and avoid looking for a side-show performance or testing them with trick questions or information you already know. This can cause your reader to lose trust, interest, and compassion for your true situation. 

6. Be patient. Your reader must shuffle and sometimes reshuffle for each of your questions. 

7. Invest in the insight. The more time you spend to get to the bottom of the most challenging issues of your entire life may take more than 3 minutes.


20 years of experience using Raider-Waite Tarot, cartomancy, and oracle reading

Spellcraft and manifestation techniques range from a variety of traditions including Modern Wicca. Native American Shamanism, High Ceremonial Magick inspired by the Golden Dawn tradition, Rosicrucian Mysticism, Practical Kabbalah, Biblical/Psalms Magick, Christ Consciousness (Signs and Wonders), Faith Attraction, Hoodoo, New Orleans Voodoo, Mental Fascination, and Intuitive Dream Interpretation. Decades of Biblical Scholarship, Judaic Studies, Hebraic History, African History, Egyptology, Yoruba, Hermetic Sciences, Messianic Kabbalah, Rasta, and Hoodoo Folk-Magick. Modern Psychology, African Psychology, Theoretical Quantum Physics, Antediluvian Archaeology, Western Mythology, and World History

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Jul 30, 2023
lucky , you are like talking to my best friend. you are so truthful and real and consistent I’m thankful for you!!!
Jul 28, 2023
thank u for clarity
Jul 23, 2023
Jul 23, 2023
Jul 23, 2023
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