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You have questions, I have the answers. Wouldn't you actually want to find out the truth? Together let's unearth what's kept hidden. Get the whole story. I can reveal things you couldn't have seen by yourself. Are you suspicious that your love interest is keeping a secret from you? Allow me to reveal to you what's actually going on. Discover why they won't commit and what's stopping them from taking the plunge. With over 15 years as an Ancestral diviner and healer, let me put my gifts to work for you. Don't keep allowing yourself to walk around thinking that it's all your fault. Receive the information you need to be in a better position to decide whether to stick it out or to move on. Through the guidance of my Ancestors, I can give you the information you need to get clarity and gain closure. I'll help you realize why you're attracting this type of situation and how you can stop the cycle for good. You'll also uncover new methods to bring the right types of relationships into your life. So what are you waiting for? The answers you're seeking are waiting for you now.


We can't help who we choose to love. And love can be a gravitational pull that won't subside. Through the course of my training as a healer, my day to day becomes wrapped up in mending rifts and broken hearts. Being a healer takes courage because we too go through the wringer to know exactly what it feels like. Each day I counsel others on recognizing the role that they play in a relationship. I help them accept that the other person is a mirror that's reflecting back at them what needs to heal within. It's not an easy task. Because the majority of the time the client can't accept that the way that they perceive love is the problem. Taking old wounds into a new relationship is a recipe for disaster. My mission is to aid others to heal from trust and abandonment issues. Allow me to assist you in gaining back your confidence. Discover the red flags from the beginning. Gain the assurance to walk away from toxic behavior. Love is never unsure or confusing. Let's get you the love you deserve.

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