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Hi, lovely clients! Welcome to my profile where I share my gifts and natural abilities to help you in daily life coaching and predictions in readings. My name is Amina, With over 12 years experience and still developing my gift, I am here to serve you the best outcome in the choices you make. I'm a very open-minded and sensitive person who can see the outcome based on your current energy and vibrations. I'm a quick typist, able to tune into your situation quickly and give accurate readings and timeframes. I have been working with clients from all aspects of life from the down to earth housewives to managers and CEO's of companies. It doesn't matter what struggles you might face or worries you have.. I am here to bring you to your higher happy and loving self. I have a steady worldwide client base and I'm able to speak Dutch and English.


With over 12 years experience and still developing my gifts. I am here not only to help but also to guide! We all have periods and phases in life where we are unsure of what our purpose in life is or the choices we have to make! As a clairvoyant psychic with natural abilities to tune into every situation, I work with clients to bring them on their true path and change their life to a happier future. I coach you on daily life choices and have the signs shown to you through your guides. I communicate with your guides and ask them to help you in staying on your true path in life and show you strong and clear signs. I give Angel readings and can see the numbers that are shown to me and can explain the meaning of them and make you recognize the situation or phase you are currently in. I also do dream analysis and readings and can tell you the symbols, signs, and meaning of your dream. No question is off topic to me and all your questions will be answered.


amazing as usual :)
out of funds, thank you though
thank you for all. nice reading
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