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Love & Relationships


💗Does he/she really love?

🔙Is he/she coming back?

👁‍🗨Is he/she cheating?

💍Love Predictions & Time scales? Marriage?

Should I wait for him/her?

💑When Will I meet the one?

ALL these questions I have the answers to now!

📲Please join me NOW for the best readings. 

My name is Psychic Wayne and I am born and live in London United Kingdom with my wife and young son. I originally started out not as a psychic medium but was a real estate agent for many years until my mother passed away then I took comfort in helping others that had lost someone in spirit by developing my spiritual gifts and giving help to others with future predictions, love life and career and money issues. 

My best selling services: Karma Cleansing, To bring luck into your life, Love spell to bring him back and to make contact, Chakra Clearance for love manifestation. 🌟

I am a full-time psychic medium and this is now my only passion to help others lead better happy and productive lives by answering questions that bother you. I am able to help people from all walks of life and have developed my gift over many years always looking to go that one step further in giving evidence of my gift without you giving me an clues or much information. 

I don't sugarcoat my readings and give you the information as I see it by using the 3'C'S. which means seeing, hearing, feeling. I am also a life coach as well and have helped many people with making their lives better with positive words from my guides. 

Please come and see me today. I would love to hear from you 🌟


I have been working as a psychic medium for 25 years and ever since I was a teenager I experienced the afterlife and saw my spiritual guides and realized I was different to other boys growing up

I decided to join a spiritualist circle where I was able to fine-tune my gift as a spiritual reader and learn the masters of the spiritual gifts I have. I also worked on tv and radio all over the world and have done platform demonstrations shows and events and also been featured in many magazines and newspapers🗞. 

I have helped thousands of happy customers that come back and use me and also refer me to their close friends and family. 

I look forward to speaking to you about all matters 💬 apart from questions on health and matters that would require a professional person such as a doctor. 

I am a qualified psychologist and trained to achieve my diploma in this field. I want you to be happy also with a reading from me today so that your life becomes better and your worries are set free so you are able to have clarity into your question on 💕love - 💼career or 🌀spiritual connections.

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can please send some time , love talk to , Wayne has predicted something really personal to me in past , it was extremely accurate a
Ashaki Jack
10 h ago
Jun 4, 2023
Jun 2, 2023
Jun 1, 2023
oh ok
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