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I am a certified angel card reader and angel intuitive. Channeling spiritual messages is how I can provide various inside for your situation. I also have strong clairvoyant and clairaudient capabilities to help guide you on the right path. Visions and messages appear to allow me to connect with your situation. I am also empathic and can feel your emotions and those of others involved. One of my guides is Archangel Haniel and I call upon this angel frequently. The purpose of your reading is to get clarity so you can make your own decisions and manifest what it is you truly want to accomplish. I can help you get there! I can also give you a timeframe for when you can expect changes to occur in your situation, as well :-)


I am a well-known reader that is ethical and supportive. My experience spans over 12 years and I have many regular clients. My specialties include Twin-Flame/Soulmate connections, love, assertiveness and finding your life purpose. My goal is to provide you with solutions that will be for the greater good and empower you to tap into your own intuition. I have studied holistic healing and intuitive arts for many years and have even been on IHeartRadio. :-) Thank you for choosing me! 


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