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Lorna Max
Lorna Max
Life Coaching
Lorna Max


Hi I am Lorna and I am a very down to earth reader. If you come to me what you will get is what I see and I can guarantee you will get honesty from me and not just what you want to hear. I don't do "fluffy" readings. Readings are too expensive to just ring up and be given a fairy story, life is not easy, its a challenge and that is where I as a reader come in, to help guide and do whatever I can do to help you my caller move forward in life. I can use tarot or angel cards if I need to but with each reading I go with the flow and start with a blank canvas and see where we go. I have counselling and life coaching skills as well so I bring the whole lot together, clairvoyance, mediumship and channeling to give you my client the best that I possibly can.We can all get stuck in life from time to time and just need a helping hand to unravel the confusion and mysteries of life. I am here to help you unravel and try to get rid of blocks that are preventing you living your life to the full.I am not a fortune teller, but can be shown things clairvoyantly for the future, pathways ahead. You have your own free will and you must be in charge of your own life at all times.With regards mediumship I cannot control what energies wish to come through with messages, therefore an open mind is required, but I will do my very best to connect with anyone who wishes to come forward.I work very closely with animal guides and they bring great messages through for clients and have great medicinal qualities.I love my work with a passion and you my caller will get my all from any reading.Due to strict ethics I cannot predict death even if i see it, I cannot delve into legal or medical issues and I cannot predict the sex of an unborn child. Please note this before calling. Muchos love x


I have been a reader now for 16 years. I have my own clients in my local area and internationally. I have done all sorts of readings over the years, face to face, party bookings. I am a qualified Reiki Master of many years now and also a Development Mentor who has taught hundreds of people over the years how to open up their psychic side. I am fifth generation psychic and medium and I am very proud of my heritage which consists of tea leaf readers, mediums and witches/medicine women. **for the last 13 months I have been studying the Twin Flame Reunion and having gone through this connection myself I can help others in this situation.




Jun 16, 2015
Lorna is the sweetest most sincere down to earth person you will ever know. When she did a reading for me after my father had passed..she was just spot on...describing him to a t. I will never forget it,it meant so much to me and truly touched my heart. I would trust her with anything she tells you.. She is amazing
May 11, 2015
I have had a few readings with Lorna and I have always been more than happy and satisfied with my readings . Lorna has always been so patient and sensitive to whatever messages she has got for me never rushing always has the time to answer questions very accurate and spot on. I have been to a lot of psychic readers before but never ever felt the confidence I feel with Lorna after my first read with Lorna I just don't need to look any further it's ONLY LORNA now. She is an excellent professional yet personal reader. Thank you very much Lorna.
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