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Relationship Problems


Feeling unsure of a relationship, or unfulfilled in life? Did you have a dream that seems important, but you don't know what to make of it? During a reading with me, you'll get straightforward answers and a compassionate friend to confide in. I'm Lorelei, a third generation clairsentient and clairaudient psychic and empath. My passion is helping you find peace and comfort through my gifted intuition. I specialize in love and relationship advice, but I can also help you with family matters, life paths, career advice, and dream analysis. I'm a skilled tarot card reader, specifically the Rider Waite cards, and I often use them to enhance my readings. However, my readings are just as accurate if I don’t use any tools at all. Now, the truth of your future may be hard to hear, and I don’t shy away from the truth. But, in addition to an honest reading, I want to provide you with the confidence that you can face the future with strength. So, if you are in need of a gifted spiritual advisor to help you find your way in this life, chat with me today. Thank you for visiting my profile; I look forward to talking with you!


I first discovered my gifts when I was a young child, almost twenty years ago. As I grew up, I decided to hone my skills and use them to help others in their times of need; I have been studying the tarot and practicing my readings for over a decade. Bringing you peace is my greatest joy in life! I have been working as a professional psychic for the past eight years, running my own freelance reading business in my local community, which has developed a small but loyal clientele. I have provided readings online for three years now, both on chat services and by email, and I love how many people I can reach through the internet. Though my skills are highly developed, I still study and practice to ensure that I am the best psychic I can be. This commitment to my craft is what has allowed me to mend relationships, give hope, and change lives.

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