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I am an intuitive empath. Through knowing your name and DOB, I can tune into any situation that you are seeking guidance about. I handle all my readings with kindness and compassion. I am not judgemental and I will discuss any matter with you. PLEASE NOTE, that whilst I will always tell you what I intuitively feel, I cannot provide guidance on legal, financial or health-related issues; I do not discuss pregnancies or death.Please note that I am a psychic empath and not a medium. Therefore, I can only guide you based on the information you give me. Please do not try and catch me out by deliberately withholding information from me, as this will affect your reading.I read for my clients intuitively but do have access to Energy Oracle Cards, Nature Whispers Oracle Cards, The Gilded Tarot and Angel Tarot cards, which I will use during your reading if I feel I need further insight, or if you specifically ask me to. I also sometimes use a pendulum which is infused with my own intuitive energy.


I am a naturally gifted intuitive empath.  I have always had my gift, and am now hoping to use it to help others through all sorts of online mediums.  I have been professionally people now for the past year and have a lot of my predictions come to pass, and have glowing positive reviews.  I am seen as a compassionate, non-judgemental  and friendly advisor who does not preach or judge and will never tell you what to do, simply what your options are and what I intuitively feel is in your best interest.


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