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Are you looking for answers? Are your past lives effecting your present and/ or future. I can help you speak to your past and future. For 15 years I've been helping everyone I can. I've talked to people fromas far back as the 1700s and as far forward as five years. This helps to find out the bad patterns or figure out why things happen. I've been told nits helps get through tough times and give people something to look forward to. With information into your lives they can change their future and fix the present. Let me help you any way I can. Love, family, health and even dreams help to make decisions and give ideas for future endeavors. I look forward to speaking to you.


I have been using my gift for 15 years. I am able to connect with your past or future self easily and tell you all about it. I have been about to connect with those as far back as 1700's. I have been doing so in person for the past 15 years but in the past 8 years i have discovered my gift has grown and i can simple hear your voice or know your name and your past and future come to me. I have helped people discover they have health issues in their familys. They have loves that keep finding each other for years over and over again in different bodies. Let me help you find a love or job. Let me help with your present issues and your past. I look forward to speaking with you all.


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