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Mistress Diana


I am a natural born pagan witch and empath. Over 35 years of practicing witchcraft, I have an arsenal of spells to offer, I do not judge in the type of spell you desire.. This is the first time I'm opening my gift up to others and in excited to help! Needing help with love, marriage, divorce, relationships, friendships? Will you get the job? What type of career path should I follow? Will my luck get better? Does protection spell to help remove negative energies? Do you have a paranormal issue at your house? Are Spirits overstaying their welcome? Do you need emotional healing after a divorce or relationship? As an empath, I tap into energies and can help you resolve any negative or heavy feelings you may have towards a situation. Along with the many spells I can offer, I also have lots of spiritual tools I use to give accurate readings into any "yes/no" question, timeframes, insight on any situation! Depending on the situation, I can use a Pendulum, my trusty vintage tarot (I've owned for over 15 years), my Ouija board, Crystal balls and black mirror. I can connect with your spirit guides, or any passed loved one that may have a message for you. I am an open-minded and to the point reader!


I have over 35 years of practicing witchcraft and intuitive tarot readings along with using other spiritual tools to gain more insight into situations. I am a completely nonjudgemental reader. I accept all types of work and questions. I work with both white and dark energies.

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It was a pleasure speaking with you this evening. thank for looking everything 🙏
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