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My name is Livintuit and I am a tarot card reader, certified Raja Energy healer, lifestyle
expert, focused on serving others to transform and manifest their dream life! I am a guide to all looking to build self-love, transform their body/health to create a more powerful, productive, fulfilling, loving happy life! I first transformed my own life, health and well being before going on to educate myself in all
areas of natural well being. From first spiritual practices (meditation, yoga), Raja energy healing
modalities, tarot cards, life coaching to optimal health, I have devoted my life to learning and
teaching this empowered way of living to others who are receptive. I truly believe that we are
not our current negative circumstances or past experiences. The methods I learned, created
and used to transform my own life are something I want to share with anyone looking for
guidance. From weight loss to healing emotional traumas, breaking patterns, achieving career
success, learning to love ourselves and being open to others loving us, the possibilities for
healing are infinite! The greatest teachers are those who do so from experience. My passion burns from my
success in transforming my own life. My health, relationships, business success, personal
accomplishments and capacity for joy, peace, love were realized by radical self-transformation!


I began my spiritual journey in my 20's after experiencing a traumatic childhood. I studied with meditation teachers and then found my Guru in 1994. In 2009 I started my education in energy healing and became certified in Raja energy work in which I do energy healing both in person and distance as well. In 2011 I studied with a tarot teacher and began doing readings for people as a side business, then went full time as a tarot reader, energy healer and life coach. Since early childhood I have had psychic abilities enabling me to help friends and family to make decisions in their lives and to find the answers to their problems. As I grew spiritually, I realized I was a natural healer/psychic and the work that I continue to do is my true calling in this life! I currently work with clients all over the country helping especially in relationships as well as career, finances and many life issues. I have studied with the most incredible teachers over the last 30 years that have influence my work and some of them still mentor me when I feel the need. I have had my business doing tarot readings for 5 years and I enjoy serving my clients with the utmost love, kindness, compassion and empathy!

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