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Advisor Galeet
Advisor Galeet
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Advisor Galeet


Hello, I have been doing astrology and tarot for over 20 years, I also receive impressions in my mind's eye, messages from those around you and guidance from my spirit guides to assist you in the questions you have. I want to help you understand what is going on in your life and how to best use the current energies to your favor. I also want to send you soothing and help bring ease and flow into your life so that you are able to stay in Trust and Alignment throughout your journey. There are unseen forces in your life that are at work, old karmas, bad energies, and attacks as well as positive karma and protective energies. I want to help you understand what is going on from a spiritual view so you can work to increase the good and neutralize the negative. Bringing conscious understanding of each situation will help you to change the direction to a more enjoyable outcome. I want to help you find your highest path and raise energy vibration. PLEASE SEND YOUR BIRTHDATE WITH PLACE AND TIME if you would like me to use astrological information, which will increase information I can give you. Tell me your questions and ASK me what you want to know. I do not play guessing games, I read the spiritual energy around the topic you request.


I always had a way of knowing things I couldn't possibly know about people. I would just see them and my mind would fill with all this information and messages for them. I could see their ancestral karma and what they needed to focus on to find freedom. I was a quiet child so it took a long time for me to realize these impressions were true, a gift and something not everyone knew. As I came into myself more this particular astrology book found its way to me, it was like my "magic book" and I was able to see deeper into the people I was asked to give messages and readings. I was given a tarot set from a wise woman and it has remained my primary cards for over 20 years. I can see into the situation at hand or aspects of a dream and this can give us great insight into the energy and archetype that is asking to be expressed. In life, there is a time to sow and a time to reap, what this translates to in a reading is there are times to be responsible and hard working and push through and other times to be limitless and freedom seeking and release. Knowing the proper time to do the proper action makes all the difference in a life that is in alignment instead of in chaos.




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