Love questions, ANSWERED. YOUR animal spirit guides have the answers about your love life…and I can help you contact them. Do you want to know…when you'll find your one true love? Or if he'll come back to you? Or how many times you'll be married? I'm Polaris, and I tap into the wisdom of the animal spirit world to answer relationship questions. I've been studying animals, spirits, and tarot for over 10 years, and I've even worked at a zoo. I am ACCURATE, NON-JUDGEMENTAL, and HONEST! I know what you're thinking: what do animal spirit guides have to do with love? So many animals mate for life: grey wolves, sea horses, bald eagles. Their spirits have told me, and can tell you, what kind of love lies in the future…or in the present. Want that peace of mind? Want to know what nature is trying to show YOU about your relationships and yourself? Have a sit-down with me and I'll use tarot cards, oracle cards, or spirit channeling to uncover the answers nature is desperate to give YOU about your relationships. I enjoy helping clients like you connect to the animal world and find comfort there. You deserve love. You deserve friendship. You deserve serenity. May your day overflow with all of the blessings of the wilderness! PLEASE NOTE: I do not perform readings about legal, financial, or medical matters. I apologize, but the animal spirits, as beings of nature, do not generally know how to answer these types of questions. Please refer to a professional if you need help with these topics.


I am Polaris, and I invoke the wisdom of the animal world, both material and spiritual, to inspire peace in lonely souls. I have been studying animals from both an occult and biological perspective for over a decade and have even worked in the zoo industry. Animals and animal spirits have shown me how to love myself and interact with others in a kind and thoughtful way; they have even helped me make friends, and, at other times, revel in my own solitude. I primarily use my own intuition and a variety of divination tools, such as tarot cards charged with animal energies, to uncover the inspiring lessons nature is desperate to teach my clients. Nothing, however, beats good old-fashioned book-learning and observation: I read about, and spend time with, animals to understand them better — and to help my clients understand their wisdom more. Everyone deserves to put their trust into something, whether it's themselves, an animal, a spirit, or another human being. I enjoy helping my clients connect to the physical and magickal animal world and find comfort there.

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