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***Please note: I am a Chinese Astrology Adviser. *** Hello all, my name is Auntie Lisa! Astrology helps you have a clear picture for the future of your love life, career , and personal issue. You can ask about your overall luck in this year, it may included health, life love, career and wealth. I can also can predict by weekly. I am expert for Zodiac Astrology. If you see anything in your dream, Tell me about it. I will solve the puzzle for you, professional dream Analyst. I will help you to discover a great deal of relevant information about yourself by knowing your own zodiac sign through my vision. I am a great listener, my honest advice will guide you to the right direction in a positive way. I love to see you to be more successful on your personal life, love life, and career. My goal is helping you to avoid trouble or things work out more smoothly. For all my readying results will be honest and no sugarcoating. I will tell you exactly what I see and read. You can ask about your overall luck in this year, it may included health, life love, career and wealth. I can also can predict by weekly. Article to sure: Predictions for the Year of the Pig https://zodiacpsychics.com/a/216


***Please note: I am a Chinese Astrology Adviser. When you look at the feedback you probably realized I am new to the online advisor platform, but I have much experience to advise your needs. I am the third generation of Zodiac Astrology and Fung Shui industry. I helped over 5000 clients in past 7 years by working part time Zodiac Advisor. I work at the local community near the Temple, I also help with new opening business for their fung shui and decoration. Beside my zodiac advisor experience, I am also in a management level of a marketing company over 20 years. I would be more happy to give you advice on your job and career, including peaceful work relationships with co-worker, or seeking for new opportunities. I am honest and straightforward person. I will not waste your time and tell you everything I know about your weekly and yearly fortune.

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ran out of time and credit before i could get any answer
it's very different reading than I'm use to but over all good
sweet lady, very broad though
she is good
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