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Enlightening Concepts
Enlightening Concepts
Enlightening Concepts


My readings are multidimensional and are more in line with spiritual counseling.  

I use no tools or cards and channel directly from higher dimensional beings of light.  As a result, the readings can have a healing effect.  🌟

The readings do not tell you what WILL happen (as the future is always changing), but rather what is the best path to take and what is worth manifesting in your life.  This is an empowering and healing way to assist you with making choices that will be in line with your soul’s resonance and greatest joy.  

What can I help you with?  Understanding why you aren’t manifesting what you want, helping you find your purpose, seeing all sides of an issue, understanding how someone feels about you and whether they are someone who has a good connection with you.  💡

I cannot tell you if someone who left will come back to you or how long it will take.  This is highly inaccurate information from any psychic.  💫


All the women in my family read energy and I have read energy my whole life but started doing it professionally about 6 years ago.  

I am a clairvoyant, a channel of higher dimensional beings, and a long-time healer - a Reiki Master, an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Certified Crystal Chakra Energy Clinician/Teacher, a Light Language Multidimensional Channeled Healer, a trance medium, trained in the Bengston Healing Method, and have studied a variety of multicultural shamanic practices. 

I am an ordained minister, a certified hypnotherapist, and certified as a Life Coach (with numerous sub-certifications). I hold graduate degrees in Counseling and Education.  I do this work full-time as my main job, working in healing centers and spiritual shops. 

I also mentor people developing their abilities. I have helped thousands of people change their lives for the better with my unique style of doing readings that help you understand the fullness of the situation at a soul level, so you can make empowered choices moving forward. 🔮

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