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Lindsay Layne
Lindsay Layne
Psychic Reading
Lindsay Layne


As a child, I knew that I could "feel" energies, however, I didn't understand exactly what it was. It wasn't until my teenage years that I realized my family had a long lineage of mystics and empaths. It was then that I truly began to explore my "gifts" and learn my "craft". I embraced my gifts, studying and practicing them for hours and days on end. This helped to, not only hone my technique, but also, learn to use these gifts to help other people, JUST LIKE YOU! This still holds true, today. I continue, every day, to learn and explore these gems, and I am so grateful for the opportunities they have provided me! Sometimes in life, we just need a little extra help to find what we know is there, just beyond our reach. Many times, our vision is clouded and it takes someone, from outside our circumstance, to help clear away the clutter, so we can see the clearer picture. Let me help you discover whatever it is that you are searching for.


I absolutely LOVE my connection with "Spirit" and the Universe! Over the years, it has given me help, when I needed it the most. It has provided me with many opportunities that are, and have been, nothing short of incredible. My connection and my "gifts" are an integral part of me, and who I am. I, also, LOVE that I am able to utilize these gifts to assist others in finding WHATEVER it is they are searching for. Many times, I have been able, and more than willing, to help others in their circumstances and situations, for that, I am grateful. My Qualifications are as follows: I am an Empath, able to make connections to others. I am an Authentic Psychic. I specialize in Oracle (Tarot) readings, providing insightful knowledge. I am experienced at Dream Interpretation, a tool useful for self discovery and problem solving. I am a Conjuror and Hoodoo Arts Practioner. I do Rune Readings, similar to Tarot but using stones with the Runic symbols. I am a certified Practioner of Reiki 1 and 2, channeling energy to help restore physical and emotional well being. I am certified in Chakra Clearing and Cleansing, releasing stale energies and helping to balance our emotional state. I, also, give Relationship Advice and Career Advice. Let's connect and find a way to you, NOW!

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Nov 25, 2019
Thank you you seem genuine so I’ll wait and see !
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thank you
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may I have some free minutes
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