Lilyan Rose


You're suffering, confused and overwhelmed with life. As an empath and intuitive Tarot reader, I feel your pain and how hard it is to keep going when things seem hopeless. Let me use the Tarot to help you find the answers and a new path to joy. I'll never mislead you with false hope but will be as honest and compassionate as I can about what I see in the cards. Through the Tarot, I'll also guide you on finding the right relationship, true love, career guidance, or insight to help you with difficult life choices.


I have been fascinated with Tarot and astrology all my life, reading Tarot for myself and friends for over 10 years. After over 20 years as a traditional healer, I now put my skills as an empath and intuitive Tarot reader to work for others, offering guidance on finding your true life path as well as romance, finance, and career. In addition to being an experienced Tarot reader, I've offered professional astrology consultations and reports for three years, adding a deeper insight into my practice advising others.

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