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Love & Relationships


TOP-rated about Twin Flame and Soulmate Readings, I am a born Empath with extra sensitivity - I can easily tune in to you, your feelings, and things that bother you or make you happy.

I am first of all a Love Psychic, being able to tune into the feelings of others by remote sensing and by my natural ability of Claircognizance (Clear Knowledge). I am passionate about Tarot cards and I use them as a tool for my work. I am also a collector. Tarot is brilliant – never makes a mistake. MY SPECIAL FIELD is Love Readings, especially from the point of view of the Psychology of Love.

BESIDES TAROT, I work with reading your energy field. I can quite clearly sense how others feel by sensing their energy field from a distance.

I also work with crystals – when asked, I do Crystal Readings by using crystals for all your Chakras. It can be surprising, but they reveal a lot of information about your current mental, physical and emotional state! Should you have any questions about health, we can take a look at your Chakras –  Holistic Healing can be very helpful. Kindly understand that I am not a medical professional and do not give medical diagnosis as this is forbidden on the platform and it is always recommended to seek professional advice.

Nothing is set in stone, though many things can be seen in advance. These are mostly the things we have already called in and because of that, they are soon going to manifest. Oftentimes, Destiny-like things, meetings, and great Loves can also be seen - as much as we are allowed to see and know about, Tarot will show it.

I specialize in Psychology, Love, and the Nature of Love and Relationships.


I have been working as a full-time Professional Online Tarot Reader since 2011. As the world has opened up, different cultures have also opened up.  Many wonderfully happy stories have come through from my Tarot Readings, but there have also been some painful stories that I have had the privilege of helping my clients through. I also learn a lot, as well.

Tarot is my love and my passion – I take my profession seriously and with a humble approach to the sacred system of Tarot cards. It demands constant learning and development. Not a single day has passed since 2006 without me working with Tarot cards and deepening my knowledge about them.

From my experiences, I can say that Tarot is a perfect tool for finding out 

  • what happens, 
  • why these things happen, 
  • what we can do if we want to call in or avoid something, 
  • what serves our highest goal the best, 
  • why are present life lessons occurring as they are, 
  • what we can count on in the near or distant future about love,
  • Life Path, career, personal development, choices; and,
  • about many other diverse things and questions, I am open to everything about Life.   




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