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Top-rated about Love and relationship issues - I can help you with my clear insights and remote sensing abilities. PLEASE do not ask me about exact time-frames, pregnancy and health questions - thank you for your understanding. I first of all work with Tarot cards. Tarot is brilliant – never mistaken. I am lucky because Tarot is my true passion. MY SPECIAL FIELD is Love Readings, especially from the point of view of the psychology of love. Tarot is very clear about showing clear conditions present in a love situation, should it be something happy or something sad, and Tarot also helps in showing us how to bring the best out of a situation, what the best step could be about a question, what you can count on if you do this or that, what emotional blocks can prevent a relationship from developing, or what emotional blocks hold you back from calling in your true partner. This is all very complex and I first of all love to work with Tarot because of its complexity – it is in total harmony with the complexity of love and emotions, ties, bonds and connections and with all the joy and pain they can bring. BESIDES TAROT, I work with reading your energy field. I can quite clearly sense how others feel by sensing their energy field from a distance. I also work with crystals – sometimes I do Crystal Readings by using crystals for all your Chakras. It can be surprising but they reveal a lot of information about your current mental, physical and emotional state! As for Health Readings, this is a field I handle with caution – should you have any questions about health, we can take a look at your Chakras but do not expect any clear diagnoses or clear healing tips from me – though Holistic Healing can be very helpful. What I can do when you have questions about health is to help you find the root of an illness – you can heal yourself if you are aware of the mental or emotional background of an illness. Symptoms are good – they already mark that healing is on the way and – thanks God – your body already gives you a sign.


I have been working as a full-time professional online Tarot Reader since 2011 - as the world has opened up, different cultures have also opened up, so many wonderful, painful and happy stories, and from my Tarot Readings, I also learn a lot, as well. Tarot is my love and my passion - I take my profession seriously and with a humble approach towards the sacred system of Tarot cards. It demands constant learning and development - not a single day has passed since 2006 without me working with Tarot cards and deepening my knowledge about them. Tarot clearly picks up the resonances of the past, present and future – in our earthly 'time zone', as here on Earth we are connected to time. Yet you must know that all this information comes from the Akashic Records, where there is no time, just cause and effect, reasons, choices and consequences. With my experiences, I can say that Tarot is a perfect tool in finding out what happens why, what we can do if you want to call in or avoid something, what serves our highest goal the best, why are present life lessons are how they are, what we can count on in the closer or more distant future about love, Life Path, career, personal development, choices - and about many other diverse things and questions, I am open to everything about life.   

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i really hope u can still send me mins. if this several months he cant talk to me. idk.. but idk also how to forget him and my love for him. i cant find him thougg. thank u lils .ur like my sister here. i will miss you bec i love you really .all ur help and guidance and reading...
she is so good! very very accurate
The flashes are annoying yet comforting. Its after ages that I have finally fallen for someone. But sad that it’s one sided officially at least
very spot on with everything. very thorough!!
amazing like always ❤
i dont really want to go outside i feel like a trash and a failure even to my friends and family. i fail them all and al i can think is him . i love him so much and dont want to lose him. thank and love u lils.. i wish we have so much more time
i dont know how can i get out of these lils.. i feel im never going to be in love with somebody else. hope u can send me mins or complete reading lils. what if we will never meer again? im really grateful to u. .ur always there. .love u always lils
I ran out of funds. I can always , always count on Lily to give me clarification on my situation. She’s the best ❤️
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