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Ascension Tarot provides quick and practical advice regarding any subject that is affecting your life. See what the cards have to say about your ~ Love Life ~ Career ~ Finances ~ Spirituality More about me~ I am an Experienced Love and Relationship Psychic ❤ Loves me? Loves me not? I can help! I’m Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient Healer and Relationship Specialist ❤ 10+years experience! I specialize in psychic readings, tarot cards, oracle cards, spiritual channelings, dream interpretation, crystal therapies, relationship coaching, self-esteem issues and personal ascension techniques. I believe in giving more than just a psychic reading to my clients. My purpose is to also teach others how to empower themselves. I can help you develop your own intuition so that you can make the best possible choices for your life. I can also help you connect with your spirit teams and help you get to know them on a more personal level. My best attribute is that I get along with people from every walk of life. I do not judge others because I have walked a difficult path like many others have. Because of my past experiences I can relate to many different types of people. I am extremely loyal and protective of my client’s and I really care about giving the best psychic readings possible. Please give me a try if you want a reader that truly cares about quality over quantity.


Here's A Brief Description Of What I Do And What I Offer:

I have been working as a professional psychic since 2006. Every reading I do is different. It really depends on whom I am reading for as to what “tools” I use, if any. I have been known to use mainly oracle cards to do readings, but I also use tarot cards and numerology. Sometimes I use nothing at all and I will just channel information to you about your situation directly from Source.

The majority of what I do during a reading would be considered “claircognizance”, or “clear knowing.” What can I say? I just “know” things about you and your life path and whatever that information is, it’s usually the first thing I will share.

I will also connect to both of our spirit “teams” and channel information from them directly to you. This is usually a mix of information coming from your higher self to me or from your spirit team to my spirit team. I also receive messages from your loved ones who have crossed over.

I see colors, aurus and what your special talents and abilities are. Whatever is special about you, I can “see” it and that’s what makes getting a reading from me unique. I truly believe that You. Are. Worthy. and I can help you change your path if you so desire.

I am an energy healer. I am a certified Reiki Master and I’ve worked for years with Spiritual Response Therapy. If you are having a physical issue with pain or emotional blockages. I can help! I can also suggest alternative therapies to help with your energy levels.

Don't be shy, please send me an email here on Keen if you have any further questions about what I do or how I work.


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