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Lily Rune


As an empath reader, I can feel my way through your situation. I am a multi-generational Intuitive with a significant background in the metaphysical and spiritual realm. I am a direct and conversational reader, who will not tell you what I think you want to hear but, will speak the truth. I deliver difficult news with a kind and gentle approach and will not sugarcoat your situation. I can offer insight into your life and help you to identify the areas requesting attention. 

My insight can help you understand what is at hand, what is ahead, and what is needed to accomplish your goals. My readings leave you feeling you have a clearer and more confident understanding of your situation and a feeling of empowerment.


I have been a professional Reader for more than 16 years and have nearly 30 years of experience. My gifts were identified at an early age and I was taught to listen to my intuition, follow my natural-born abilities, and how to help others along their paths. 

I have read for thousands of clients and have conducted tens of thousands of readings, touching a part of so many lives. It’s an honor to be a part of your journey.

 Tarot cards and Rune stones are helpful tools I like to incorporate in my readings to help me better understand parts of what I’m feeling and seeing, but they are not necessary for me to provide insight and guidance. My timelines and predictions are praised by clients every week, who reach out just to praise my accuracy and share their appreciation.

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Jan 13, 2022
Lily is great!!!
Jan 13, 2022
Lily Thank you very much!!! you are always so fast and accurate!!! thanks a lot
Jan 1, 2022
Dec 22, 2021
Lily once again thank you !! you are awesome
Dec 20, 2021
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