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Lillian Rose
Lillian Rose
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Lillian Rose


I offer a range of tarot card spreads intended to assist you on your path, along with palm reading, dream interpretation, and relationship advice, which I often suggest being tied to tarot reading for further guidance. I also offer Astrology readings and chart interpretations. Along with any readings, I will include photos of the cards, or your chart, as appropriate. The cards that I use are Tarot Art Nouveau by Antonella Castelli, which are reminiscent of that artistic period, created in Italy, the birthplace of tarot card readings. My interpretations are based on the studies of Joseph Campbell, mythology and the archetypes of man, as I am also a writer and a channel for lightworkers. Each of our stories is unique, and the cards offer me such insight into your world, rich with metaphors and symbolism that will resonate with you as you continue on your path. It is always my first intention to give you the specific information you seek and to guarantee uncompromising confidentiality.


I have been given the gift of my skills through my mother's lineage, and have been practicing divination since childhood. I was fortunate enough to be indulged by my mother, who handed down our gifts in the first place when she bought me my first set of cards at age 10. Since then I have been consulted by many friends, family members, and others at psychic fairs and Pagan-themed events in the US. More recently I have been focusing solely on digital readings, offering deals through social media, and meeting clients locally, however, in my desire to help more people on a global scale, I decided to join Zodiac Psychics. I absolutely love what I do, and am so thankful for the opportunity to share my skills with you in order to help you make more informed decisions as you experience and participate in your journey through life. Wherever I go I find magic all around me. Life has many surprises to gift us if we can learn to see with clear lenses, and that is what I am able to do, help you see things with a clearer perspective.

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