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I am a spiritual woman and I offer you my service as a psychic, tarotist, astrologer, santera and spiritualist. As you can see my services are extensive so you have the option to choose the method for your query. During my life I have studied the different sciences and I have determined that spirituality is what leads me to have all the tranquility we want, if you are spiritually full of tranquility you will find everything you need and you will be able to ask the universe with much faith and he will provide you with what you need on a daily basis solving all those problems or problems that arise daily in our life because we will always find those difficulties. If you are well in love suddenly you are wrong in money or vice versa and this is due to a balance that you must have between an energetic part where if there is a good side there always has to be the bad side. So I can help you balance this area with the spiritual part by doing meditation or placing a candle and doing all the good works for you and for others in harmony with everyone so that you can achieve all those goals that you have set for yourself in life. that you can solve all those inconveniences that arise so that you can advance day by day without obstacles and in the daily happiness that this beautiful life gives you. Through the tarot I can shuffle and make a general run, I can give you specific topics so you can ask me so I can guess in the future what a wonderful divination instrument is.


My experience is how psychic, tarot reading, astrologer, santera and spiritualist I have learned from my ancestors and with all their wisdom they have taught me the step by step to find those answers that we are looking for. My family has played a very important role because it has inculcated me to investigate and be a better person to help others and their teachings also in reading the tarot, the spiritualist part and other studies that I have done on my own. Launching the deck and interpreting it has been one of my main tools to guess the future to be in the present with all the power to face the aspects that life brings us and go a step further. I have learned that with the faith that you do things, that is the key to being able to always resolve everything you propose and be able to reach that goal that you have proposed. My experience is based on more than 40 years helping people who need advice, a guide in their daily lives and with their faith and step by step of everything that has been requested and what has been found. so much they look for.




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Sep 28, 2023
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