Lilac Sage


Do not wait any longer with the pain and confusion inside your heart, I am here to help you uncover the truth of every burden. I can read into your past, present, and future. I will help remove all negative energies surrounding you, spirits of confusion. I will help you open your soul to accept luck and love. I will guide you on which path to take to achieve a variety of future outcomes, all of them dependant on the action you take today. I will give you the truth of what is concealed, true motives of your lover, friend, family member or even business partner. I will give you insight into your life experience that will help you to see what needs to be altered in order to gain the best luck in all aspects. I will give you the secrets of the universal laws that will help you, with Spiritual Alchemy, to use the pendulum of life in your favor. With my pledge of complete honesty, I will not lead you astray. I will give you the truth compassionately. If you are feeling drained or spiritually attacked, I will send you immense channels of love from my own empathic energies. I will plead your case to the universe and change the karma on your behalf! You are in control of more than you think! I will show you how you can be the master of your life, no more surprises. Contact me for spiritual guidance, energy healing, unblocking, psychic readings of past present and future, tarot readings, words of advice from your spirit guides, and the true motives of your loved ones. I can also teach you simple magic rituals to achieve what you are looking for, whether it is revenge, to win a lover, or to simply discover what your lover thinks and feels about you.


I have provided my survice to people since I was a young age. People are often shocked and amazed by what my visions have revealed. The true character of their lovers, the real reason they are suffering in pain, every injustice is no longer a secret. Why are they feeling lost in life? Every question is answered. With compassion, I guide my clients to uplift their lives and change outcomes that may have ended differently. I have the keys and the answers of the universe that will guide you to changing your outlook on all things. Relationships that were once dicey begin to mend. Careers that weren't going so well begin to improve. Health that was declining is now miraculously restored.

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ran out of funds but amazing reading I’ll be back
she is great!!
she is a blessing as always
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