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Lightworker Liz
Lightworker Liz
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Lightworker Liz


Hi! My name is Liz, and I’ve always felt and been told that I have an innate, powerful and striking ability to read minds, predict occurrences before they happen, as well as visualize people’s past experiences, hurts, traumas and needs, my entire life. I am an empathic soul with a longing to nurture and heal others into a more present and consciously-led life. There is more to life than just living, and I want to help my clients and others in my life into the next level of their spiritual journey. I am very passionate with crystal healing, and believe they hold a crucial part to my side of the healing process with others. I am a yogi, card reader and crystal enthusiast. I am passionate with the gifts that have been given to me, and would love to use them to help you gain honest, compassionate and nonjudgmental insight into your own life. ** Please note that you will need to provide some background for detailed questions you ask of me. This is to help both you and I speed up the reading process and help me better tune in more throughly **


I have over 17 years experience with lightworking, psychic healing and crystal work. I have a supernatural ability to lovingly see into someone’s inner being consciousness through accurate focus and mediation - my crystals and spiritual gifting has enabled me to have a compassionate yet straightforward and precise touch with my healings and readings. The use of crystals in any spiritual insight is largely underestimated, and i as well as others who have worked with me have seen first hand the benefit and clarity gained through using them. I can predict your lover’s thoughts and feelings, see hurts, and predict future outcomings. I can tell you what needs to change in your relationship, on both your end and his (or hers). I incorporate angel cards in my readings, to obtain as much spiritual insight for your specific journey. It would be my sincere pleasure to use my own gifts to help you reach the clarity and mindfulness each one of us desires and deserves. * I do not do “When will I meet my husband,” etc. questions. * I do psychic readings only based on interactions to occur, not specific future dates, as future dates are affected by outside forces.

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