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Psychic Ashley
Psychic Ashley
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Psychic Ashley


Just so you can get to know me let me start off by saying my name is Ashley and I am a nonjudgmental no sugarcoating psychic and advice giver. I am a fourth generation psychic. I was truly blessed to be taught by my mother and grandfather how to achieve my gift and how to help. I have been using it now for over 11 years and I am only getting stronger. I personally love doing what I do because I enjoy helping people in time of need. No problem is too big or small for me to handle. I will tell you like it is and then explain and show how you can get out of that situation and gain your peace and understanding. I am able to tap in to your energy and situation simply by your name. And the persons name you have in question no other details needed. Once I get that I use my intuitive energy and tarot cards if needed to see their emotions, thoughts, intentions, and feelings. I specialize in reuniting loved ones as well. I am your friend when no one else is there to help you. I 100% promise a very honest detailed non sugarcoated reading, if you are not ready to hear the truth then I do not advise you contact me. If when the truth hurts! I show you how to get out of it. I look forward to hearing from you soon:) I use all different types of tarot such as angel decks traditional decks, many more, I believe in the crystals as well I feel they have strong healing properties and help with clearing negative energies away.


I have had this gift of knowing the future since I was 7 years old. I was always able to see whats going on in peoples lives just by looking at them or hearing they're voices. I like to use my gift more as a life coach. I feel I was put on this earth to guide lost and hurt people in to the right direction. I have helped many people deal with anxiety, stress, depression. hurt, loss, you name it. I have reunited couples back together using my gifted abilities and advice. I never gave a person a reading and left them unhappy my promise is you will love your reading! So let me use my gift and skills to guide you. My areas that I specialize in are love, marriage, career, finding clarity and many many more!!:) I use the tarot cards as a tool. If you are feeling lost, upset, lonely, just unsure where to turn? I will help you all I need is 10 mins of your time to help guide you back in to the light

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Jun 30, 2018
She’s so amazing! And dead on all situations!! Fast typer too!!
May 4, 2018
big help
May 4, 2018
May 2, 2018
Apr 17, 2018
K good he killed rating very factual hands down truthful honest and the best!
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