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Betty Star
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Betty Star


Hello everyone! I am a gifted psychic and known as Life Reader. 👋

I am doing psychic reading for the past 30 years and creating a great area of happy people. My great experience let me find out the best answers for you and make my predictions true. 

I can tell you about your past, present, and future, and will tell you what is coming up in your future. I am a psychic reader, astrologer, and love coach and I started doing reading when I was 10 years old. I always do my best for my client and help them with true answers.

I have completed many pieces of training in reiki healing and done many treatments. You can contact me today to know anything.

I directly connect with my spirits to help you with the best answers. I hope to read from you soon.

I have extremely powerful and rare possessions’ in my hands that allow me to see and heal the wounded soul.

Connect with me to know true answers and don't hesitate to ask about the most powerful services I offer: 

  • Spiritual healing
  • Angels connection
  • Candle spell prediction


We must create our own area of happiness so that we could live according to our wishes and desires. I am Life Reader and working to help people for the past 30 years. I have completed a thousand readings in public areas and in the psychic shops. 

I am also professionally working as an emotional counselor in past years and I will provide you great answers to questions you may have. My first experience, when I predicted came true. I was really happy to hear great news and I feel that I have something different from others and Since that day I started helping people. 

Join me for true readings and an accurate time frames.

I specialize in love and relationship, career advice, family advice, Reiki Healing, and Marriage counseling.

I do all kinds of readings but my area of specialization is Astrology readings, Tarot readings, Horoscope readings and Shamans readings.

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Clairvoyance Skat Cards Soulmates & Twin Flames Automatic Writing Relationship Problems Palm Reading Mind Reading Kipper Cards Astrology Tea Leaves Channeling Occult Readings Love & Relationships Shamanism Rider Waite Cards Osho Zen Cards Career Advice Breakup & Divorce Crystal Ball Dating Advice Other Tarot Cards Family Advice Lenormand Cards Psychic Reading Spiritual Reading Paranormal Phenomena Cheating and Affairs Tarot Cards Rune Stone Angel Cards Horoscopes Angel Readings Crowley Cards


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Feb 3, 2023
Feb 3, 2023
Thanks for all your help I will definitely be back
Feb 2, 2023
I don't know what happened was waiting for you to finish your response if you could please finish your response.. I'll try to see if I can add more time or if you can send the free minutes I guess to make me finish it but thank you
Feb 1, 2023
Feb 1, 2023
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