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Liberty Rain


**** SPECIALIZE IN KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS **ACCURATE GUIDANCE** At an impasse? Are you currently at the CROSSROADS intersection needing help? I can help get you unstuck into making that vital decision with clarity, certainty and most importantly CONFIDENCE :)💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿 PLEASE READ: IMPORTANT!! KNOW THAT I WILL BE ASKING YOUR GUIDES/Ancestors TO COME FORWARD To INFORM THAT which IS for YOUR HIGHEST GOOD. I WILL ASK THEM FOR THE ANSWERS YOU HAVE QUESTIONS TO,❗ HOWEVER❗ understand that YOUR Guides and LOVED ONES passed will give what you NEED at times in addition to what you want. They do this to PREPARE YOU for SOME THING, PERSON, Place, Job or other opportunities THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW About.... for various reasons youmay not Be AWARE OF AT THE TIME but will be made aware of either in the same reading or a future reading... depending on your willingness to receive in the moment......✴️IF However this is NOT OKAY WITH YOU, *PLEASE* REQUEST A READING WITH an advisor that is more analogous to the style of guidance delivery you do resonate with! I do this for the betterment of your BE-ING, not to see how much money I can make from you. the investment You make into your well-being that I receive is always appreciated and helpful however I like to be upfront about my style and intentions so that you are never left guessing with me. I promise you always give you transparency and directness. I will also be fair and honest And if for any reason you are not satisfied with your reading, I am happy to send you a coupon as a consolation so that maybe you can link with an advisor that may be better suited for you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING ☯️ LOVE AND LIGHT, LIBERTY RAIN ***Reviews are appreciated!!*** I use a combination of the Tarot and Astrology guided by the assistance from Spirit/God/Universal Source- All with the common goal and intended purpose of bringing to light the knowledge, wisdom and guidance FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD **** I take your concerns and questions wholeheartedly and with much reverence.


I have read for family, friends, and folks in need along the way 7 years. I have also been a professional advisor online for the past year. As a service to others, I have also practiced energy healing (Chakra Balancing/Healing) for the past two years.

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Dec 15, 2019
can you please send min if you can ? if so , when am I meeting the person ?
Nov 26, 2019
Nov 26, 2019
you no longer see us being compatible ?
Nov 26, 2019
ok I will let go I haven’t had any contact in weeks and I only contacted due to the stalking And the fear that comes with why was she doing that
Nov 26, 2019
OMG our readings are Intense. I love this advisor!
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