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Hi, Im Lexi! I have been a spiritual advisor and psychic for over 10 years. Are you struggling with a difficult decision? Are you feeling confused or uncertain about a certain loved one? Perhaps you are wondering when he/she will call back? When you will find your soulmate? Will your partner stay faithful to you? Whats your divine life purpose or what move should you make next in your career? Well I can help! I am a 3rd generation psychic born with empathic and clairsentient psychic abilities that bring forth information deeply hidden and unseen. Since birth, I have felt the strong desire to assist and connect others with their truest potential. In connecting with your energy, I can pick up personality traits, fears, motivations, and the true intentions of your behaviors, as well as those around you. My readings are accurate, concise, non-judgemental, and solution-oriented. I provide compassionate and honest advice that will leave you with a sense of direction, peace, and clairty. The in-depth and specific information I provide will help you to make clear decisions and understand some of the challenges you may be facing.


I am a natural born psychic with over 10 years of experience. Throughout my lifetime I have given over 8,000 readings to people all over the world. I have learned so much through my God-given abilities, and have gained the most pleasure by using them to help other people. I have studied counseling and meditation for over 6 years. This has enabled me to coach clients through difficult times of trauma and transition. I have helped thousands of people get through financial down turns, recover from break ups, illnesses, and more. I strive to help people struggling with major life decisions such as career changes, divorce, moving, and more. I specialize in love and relationship readings, as well as career/life purpose readings. During my readings, I always call upon my spirit guides in order to provide you with the most honest, accurate, and encouraging advice. My style is nonjudgmental and direct. I strive to bring out the light in you that exist within each and everyone of us. I will guide you to stay on the right track and encourage you to make the decisions that are for your highest good.

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Sep 3, 2018
thank you soooo much!!! I will definitely be back!
May 1, 2018
she was nice but i feel more confused and very upset cuz I refuse to believe the person in question made me waste 4 yrs
Apr 25, 2018
mins plz
Apr 25, 2018
plz send mins
Apr 25, 2018
accurate, honest, straightforward and right to the point:)
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