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Leonardo Medeiros
Leonardo Medeiros
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Leonardo Medeiros


With Marseille tarot deck and your energy I can give you a real picture of a situation, helping you to explore decisions and understand better what it means for you. I will tell you whatever the cards want show to me, whether is hard or not to hear, and dive with you into your deep concerns. Feel comfortable to ask anything you want. After years of experience reading cards I’ve faced many unusal, secret and common questions but I’m aware that each reading is unique and special. I’ll let you lead each minute of our talk and we’ll enjoy our time together.


For over 5 years my readings have helped hundreds of people around the globe. As soon as I realized and accepted my habilities I started studying Tarot in Sao Paulo's Esoteric Cultural Center and since my graduation I also learned a lot more with books and colleagues. I've been working online in different platforms in Europe and Brazil so I am used to online readings.

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