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Psychic Reading


Leofire mainly works with no tools providing messages from the spiritual realm that may come in words, visuals or feelings. She works with her spirit guides.

Here is what Leofire offers for other readings:

* Tarot Readings - For general readings, she will be using the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. For any specific question, she will choose between different spreads to find which one best suits the question to get the best answer.

* I-Ching Readings - The I-Ching is the world's oldest oracle. She records specific patterned lines to construct a hexagram in order to relate the best possible information to your situation or question.

* Automatic Writing Sessions - She accesses information from her spirit guides and relays that information to you. She will receive a combination of various kinds of information including visuals, words, and feelings.

* Energy Healings - She will look into your energy and increase your awareness of blockages, energy patterns, chakras and aura colors as well as provide Reiki.


Leo Fire is a healer and an empath. Her spirit guides are able to communicate to her in words, feelings and images. Leo Fire's mother and a male friend of hers are part of her spirit guides. She uses tarot cards and a pendulum if she wants to use psychic tools, but she does not depend on them. She has also worked with runes and the I Ching. Leo Fire gains a lot of insight conducting automatic writing sessions. She has started learning Reiki when she was in massage school from a psychic teacher that has developed her abilities since the 1970's. In July 2014, she became a Reiki Master. She has taken classes for psychic development from an internationally known spiritual medium & psychic within her own area. Leo Fire also works as a licensed massage therapist helping people on a physical level. Currently, she is working on her Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics. Leo Fire continues to develop her abilities through meditation and persistently learns from those that are spiritually and psychically gifted. She has been able to provide insight and guidance for those that need it in the next steps in their lives.

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