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Lejla Kristal


I offer Crystal Ball Readings, Cards, Runes, Crystals, Spells, Black Magic Removalas Chakra Cleansings, Healings, Dream Analysis and more. I will help you with your burning dilemmas such as: Will my ex come back? When will I marry? Does she/he love me? Am I a victim of bad spell? Will my love contact me? When will get my new job? How to make my business more successful? Will I win in court? Will I get pregnant/have children? Who are my enemies? ?How to get rich? ?What the future holds? Start solving your problems now. Only you can help yourself get better. I am here for you, I want to help you to find your happiness.


Lejla Kristal is a third-generation psychic, she learned her skills from her grandmother Ena, the local prophetess. When she turned 18, she started to read Crystal Ball, Cards and other esoteric divinations like coffee/tea cup readings, palm readings, photo readings... Since then she had done more than 20 K readings online and on local European TV channels and is called "Queen of Crystals". In her career, she has helped many people who have sought guidance from her and her primary goal is to help you until the end of troubles and problem-solving. She is very experienced in love, relationship, break up and marriage topic. This is what she do very clearly and detailed, and also she can see the true nature of your love connection, are you two meant to be, are you soul mates or twin flames, or if it’s time to move on. For career, she has done many amazing things for people who were opening new businesses or trying to improve their career. If you need to find yourself a new path, she will open cards and give you the right direction what is the best choice for you. As a crystal healer, she is practicing healings and cleansings with her amazing collection of powerful crystals. She can connect energetically with your 7 Chakras and detect the problematic ones. She has helped find balance and happiness for people with her special techniques.

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I liked her reading but she takes forever to respond back
She read my situation really fast and was accurate. she replies quick too which is a huge positive. will come back for another review based on her predictions
Thank you so much I appreciate your answers and clarity I appreciate your answers and clarity
accurate thank you
ok I will back and ty very much
please send me mins.. I have one more question
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