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Advisor Leanne
Advisor Leanne
Love & Relationships
Advisor Leanne


I am someone who is passionate about helping people and guiding them to become better versions of themselves. My specialties include working with couples to work through providing guidance on how they can improve the quality of their relationships. What is imperative is to consider the needs of your partner, without neglecting yourself. From previous experience, I have found that people tend to “loose themselves” in their relationships and forget or neglect who they really are as people. Thus, I like to engage with clients on how they can be themselves in a relationship, and who they are as individuals. I advocate for interdependency in relationships, instead of couples finding themselves to be in co-dependent relationships. I am also a certified sexologist, so I have experience with dealing with clients on matters related to sexuality. I have provided clients with guidance on how to improve intimacy to help build close relationships. I find that it is not because of incompatibility, but rather through good communication and expressing yourself, as well as your needs. I work with the client individually through chat.


I am a certified Sexologist in South Africa with a Master’s Degree specializing in Sexology. This includes issues regarding sexual intimacy, but also relationship dynamics. I am also experienced in working with individuals to improve their relationships with others. I have had a major focus on intimate relationships, but I have experience in working with family matters as well. One of my strengths with working with clients, is that I encourage them to work towards becoming better versions of themselves, as this has an impact on how they engage in all their relationships. I have also experience in working with individuals who need guidance on how to deal with conflict in their relationships. Essentially, my drive is to ensure that my clients are happy with themselves, so that they can be happy in their relationships. I am incredibly honest, and I will advise whether their current relationship is toxic. Sometimes clients don’t see it at the time, and it is always a good idea to get insight from someone who has managed clients and similar situations. My background is academic in nature and also from facilitating clients through times of need. Thus, I have the professional experience to facilitate clients towards having healthier and more meaningful relationships.

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Aug 19, 2020
unsure about her, I thought some can connect but asking questions and not getting answers...
Jul 31, 2020
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