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Greetings to all. I can reveal all areas of your destiny in life such as LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER, DIVORCE, FAMILY and more! With my strong gifts, I see and feel what you are going through, and I can see the outcome of any situation. I believe in spiritual guidance through giving as much insight and detail as possible. I would say my strongest gift would be clairsentience, as it I am straightforward and honest, yet respectful. I know what the soul desires, as well as what your subconscious and conscious mind needs. I excel with dream interpretation and can give a more meaningful explanation that most readers. Reiki is one of my favorite gifts, and I am able to send energy to anyone in need. My goal with my readings is always to help, heal and change the person, as I truly want the best for everyone on this earth, to develop and heal mankind.


I am naturally blessed with psychic gifts that get stronger with each year. I have been practising for 10 years, and I have had my gifts my whole life. I have unique clairvoyance, clairaudience, as well as strong empathic abilities. I have always been the psychic counsel in my social groups; people always feel relief and reassured after coming to me for a reading. I have predicted many outcomes in my lifetime and I feel so comfortable doing this. I communicate with the soul and explain things to you about yourself that you have never understood, and this will resonate deep within you. I have a strong knowledge of astrology, as well as tarot and many oracle card decks. I use these skills from time to time, but mainly rely on my gifts. I reside in a place where the northern lights are out almost every night of winter, and the sun doesn’t set in summer, I can also utilize each energy during those times.


thank you
She is amazing! Very on point with what I am going thru and her responses are very quick. I didn’t have to give her lots of information AT ALL the connection was great. Thank you Leahna ❤️
Quick and deep insight
very accurate with things already happening in my life and what is to come..
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