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Lindsay Balda


Hi, my name is Lindsay. Are you looking for answers? You found the right adviser. I am an empath and clairsentient, here to help you. I am going to get you the truth, not just what you WANT to hear, no sugar coating! I will guide you out of the dark by telling you what doors to open in life and which opportunities and potentials are right for you. I am here to make a difference. It's not hopeless, and it's not good for you to stay in that feeling of hopelessness. Get the direction and guidance you need today! Will I find happiness? Is there something in my future? My spirit guides and I are ready to help with your questions and concerns about life, jobs, love, your spiritual path, and more! Why wait in the dark? So if you are ready to take that next big step in your life, please feel free to contact me! Brightest blessing to one and all and I can't wait to read for you!!


No question is too big or small when it comes to you getting to the root of your problems and challenges. When you know the difference between fear and truth you will be able to make powerful choices that put you on the path to getting the life you want and were meant for. When you start a chat with me, I start reading into your current feelings and situation through cards and my gifts. I use my card to help provide you a fuller, deeper, and quicker ability to get your answers when you need them. I cannot tell you what the cards and spirits aren't willing to talk about, but when that happens there is usually a reason there isn't a direct answer. I'm not here to tell you what you want to hear, I'm here to help you understand what spirit is trying to tell you. I don't believe that we have a set destiny, but that each of us has potentials. It is up to us to walk path to get to those potentials and make the powerful choices needed to bring more joy, peace, and love into your life. Sometimes the choices aren't clear. And even the most intuitive, wise, or insightful person can allow their limited beliefs and fears cloud the choices they have before them. Maybe Spirit is trying to point out a way you hadn't thought of! Chat with me and we'll find out!

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thank you my dear. you’re excellent reading you go deep and so clear.
you were excellent as always my dear, thank you for the reading. I ran out of funds. but it’s always a pleasure to speak to you
wow, just had one of the best readings Lindsay knows what she doing. everyone should give her a try she was super. thank you so much
I’m sorry could u answer the last question since we were disconnected for a while.. I feel like it’s all mixed up
such an incredible read, probably the best one yet. thank you so much!
very good. thank you..
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