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Advisor Lauren


I am a third generation, natural born psychic and tarot reader. I specialize in love and relationships as well as career and life events. I operate in truth and you will receive real and honest answers from me. I will deliver accurate and honest information even if it is hard to hear. I will use your name and date of birth or zodiac sign, as well as any other names you are asking about, to tap in to your energy. I will then be able to provide the reading with tarot cards and my psychic intuition. My intuition comes in many forms, mostly clairsentience, sometimes other modes as well like visions and clairaudience. I can help you with your questions regarding love, relationships, reunions, marriages, soulmates, twin flames, career questions, and so much more. I can help you get clear guidance to decide the next step in whatever journey you are embarking on.


I have been seriously reading and studying tarot since I was about 10 years old. I have been doing psychic tarot readings professionally at holistic health and psychic fairs, parties, business openings, and online clients like you for about 15 years! Because I come from a long line of intuitive and psychic women, I was raised in a home where psychic abilities were viewed as a normal skill. Psychic abilities are a muscle that anyone can develop and use! I've been perfecting that muscle my whole life. I am able to quickly tap in to energies, spirit guides, my own intuition, receive guidance from source, and provide you with quick and clear answers. I operate mostly in clairsentience, but sometimes receive visions or hear spirit guides audibly as well. You can rest in comfort that you are receiving the guidance you need. I have been reading tarot for 23 years! No problem or question is too big or small for me to help you solve. Your questions are confidential, this is a no judgement environment. I use tarot for traditional card meanings, I will also read them based on my intuition and information I receive from source regarding your specific personal messages, needs, and guidance. My reading style is very case by case, based on what my clients are looking for at the time.

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she’s great!
Thank you so much. ill be back soon
spot on
Very genuine reading!
The best yet! She’s fast, fun, down to earth and accurate might I add. Thanks Lauren I will definitely be back 💜
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