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What can you expect by calling me I work with tarot cards energy readings aura readings and of course psychic readings I’m clairvoyant I’ve been doing this for over 25 years the type of psychic I am I’m straight forward I call it the way I see it I do not sugar coat anything but I am understanding I will make sure that you understand your reading and will not leave you confused I will see to it that I will ask all of your questions I will tell you your past present and future and love life I would just need your name and date of birth and if there’s someone you want me to focus on I would need their name and their date of birth as far as agreed and business I would just need the name of the company to focus in on it looking forward to your phone call love and light and blessings.


I've been doing this so long for over 25 years I've helped a lot of people in my life when it comes to love Career business wanting to know if he or she is the right one for you. All my Readings are confidential so well called this Client Kim and she was torn between 2 people in her life There was one that she was drawn to because he was very And after some sessions she clearly seen what I was telling her all along that he wasn't afraid of commitment and that he just need a proper time to open up the 4th chakra In the one that was very attended was just for the moment and not long later she invited me to the wedding and they're still married today and that was 10 years ago Be one of many that I have helped with just 1 call to me you will feel and see the difference thank you so much, Eyes.

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xxx thanks love.
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Thank you eyes, will chat soon!
was so happy to see you on ❤️ love readings and chatting with you!!! thank you so much sweetie!
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lovely chat. very mind opening
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