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Laura J.D
Laura J.D
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Laura J.D


Single? Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right shouldn't be so hard. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing difficulty finding your soul mate. Maybe you are overwhelmed by choices? Maybe you don't know what you want in a partner? The first step is for us to work together to focus your soul mate search. In a relationship? Some partners are afraid of commitment, and respond to closeness by emotionally retreating. If you have trouble understanding your partner's behavior, I can analyze his/her personality and see the hidden emotions, subliminal fears and motivations. Once you are aware of this information, you will be able to take the necessary steps to improve your relationship. Many relationship problems are rooted in a family history of dysfunction, abuse, or addiction. If your childhood included a parent or caretaker who abused drugs, alcohol, gambling or subjected you to verbal or psychological abuse, you might be experiencing what is known as a "missing link." This impedes people from experiencing the love that you want and deserve. I can help you. I have over 20 years of experience with 12-Step programs, including ACOA. If you have an emergency recovery issue, let me help you. With my training and natural gifts, we will unlock the truth behind the roadblocks to your relationships. Don't postpone your happiness, contact me today.





Jun 7, 2015
Thank you again for your information and reading. I took your advice about PR and when I call again you will have a great laugh too. Anyway thanks again for the sympathetic ear and your great advice and insightful thoughts.
Jun 8, 2015
Thanks, no matter what kind of day I have she always know how to encourage me. You are truly the best. The both of us will continue to moved forward and keep positive mindsets. The talk last night shed a lot of light about my brother. Thanks for saying am funny. I really was a trip when I went back home. No, wonder why your mom calls you Josey because she saw no wrong in you and you have this incredible gift that makes you courageous and gives you all your attributes. Thanks so much!
Jun 10, 2015
Very accurate, I'm just disappointed that I don't have any direction in knowing what he truly wants for us. Perhaps there are no true answers. I was just hoping for new insight today!
Jun 6, 2015
Love it when she gives quick updates. Thanks for always thinking of me and checking if our handsome man has been good or bad =)
Jun 16, 2015
I do need to speak with you again urgently a very important question.
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