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What do they feel and what can you expect? Lets uncover their truest intentions to help you make empowered choices in love. "Blunt and unyieldingly honest, Laura is the reader that everyone doesn't know they want. She's for the brave, not the faint of heart" -Vanessa, NJ


As a TOP RATED LOVE SPECIALIST since 2002 with THOUSANDS of satisfied clients my specialty is providing you with the most accurate psychic insight on the thoughts, emotions,
and agenda of your love interest! Over the 16 years, I have built a stellar reputation for my honesty and accuracy. I am the reader people come to when they are ready for the absolute TRUTH in their relationships.

YOU'LL GET NO SUGARCOATING HERE! Maybe you've been discouraged with psychic readings for a while. I totally understand why you'd be tired of hopping from psychic to psychic only to get totally different conflicting answers.

Why does this happen?


Most readers don't have the powerhouse combination of psychic abilities as I do along with over 16 years experience with reading Tarot cards.

I weave together my skills as a claircognizant (clear knowing) and clairempathic (connection to emotion and intention) along with Tarot as a means of helping you to understand the psychological energies impacting both you and your partner. Because of this, my readings are deeper, more accurate, and WAY more detailed than anyone else!

Clients speak highly of my ability to cut through the fluff and deliver what you need to know in an honest and straightforward, yet compassionate way. I don't mince words, I don't cater to ego and I will not tell a falsehood to keep you hooked to feed a dependency on hope in a hopeless situation. Come in knowing and expecting this.

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she was ok I think she was off with some stuff and right with others. nothing led me to say she is accurate.
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