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What do they feel and what can you expect? Lets uncover their truest intentions to help you make empowered choices in love. "Blunt and unyieldingly honest, Laura is the reader that everyone doesn't know they want. She's for the brave, not the faint of heart" -Vanessa, NJ


Im Laura B, seeress, coach and taroist. I have worked in this field since early 2001 and have built an exceptionally sound reputation for providing accurate, detailed and empowering readings. Clients appreciate that my sessions provide insight that can easily be applied to their modern lives, helping them to navigate their situations. I do not beat around the bush-please know that I am honest, blunt and forthright. I do, however, request your specific question. If your input is general your output is general and with a per minute fee a specific and carefully considered question is a requirement to receive a reading for me. Those who have not given thought to this or who have an unrealistic expectation that all readers have a telescope to see all of the past and all of the future and the ability to read someones mind to boot, knowing exactly what you want to know about the person you are asking about will be asked to read this profile and come back when they have taken consideration to craft a purposeful and meaningful question that hones in what it is that they need to know most about. While my private clients have the luxury of 30 or 60 minutes with me when paying per minute this is not realistic. To keep time and thus your cost to a minimum a specific question is not requested but mandatory.


she was ok I think she was off with some stuff and right with others. nothing led me to say she is accurate.
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