Hi there,I'm Lara from the UK and I offer readings on all aspects of love and relationships using horoscopes tarot readings, angel readings and love and attraction. I can offer you a tarot reading and horoscope reading in one call and I can look at the chart of your partner or the person you are interested in so you can find  more about the situation. I can advise you on law of attraction and how to bring a special person back into your life. I read with a combination of love, practical advice and angelic guidance.


I have been reading tarot and horoscopes for over 25 years and have worked as a counsellor in the past.I trained as a White Witch in Glastonbury UK and I am a natural healer and crystal therpaist.I will read with love and light and your highest interests at heart and help you resolve whatever is on your mind with the guidance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Thank you for reading and don't hesitate to give me a call as I have been doing this work for many years and will help set your mind at rest x

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