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Advisor Lara


I give you compassionate, yet honest answers so you can live your best life today. I have a 90-93% accuracy track record which includes excellent timeframes. I have been a single mom, owned several businesses, worked in the corporate world, and more, so no topic is taboo for my guides and I in our all-loving zone. Contact me for love, money, career, questions and more!

I am a psychic medium who in the process of our reading lovingly activates you onto your highest timeline, initiating the remembrance of your true authentic soul, and supporting your divine spiritual team by relaying the messages you need right now so you can enjoy life. 


I do not read on legal matters or medical, including pregnancy matters per my agreement.


I am a no-tools psychic medium with two decades of experience who has been featured in the media. I connect with my circle of ascended masters that include White Buffalo Woman, and White Cloud, Green Tara, Hathor, Jesus, Mary, Isis, and more to give you the answers you need to live your highest potential today.

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