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I offer an in-depth reading into the specifics of your situation, with utmost honest and respect for my clients and their individual challenges. I take your name, and from the vibrations in a voice or surrounding the particular soul, I start picking things up immediately. I channel messages from the Other Side, including Spirit Guides, angels and loved ones who have passed over. If you're looking for clarity, timing, and guidance, then I'm the reader for you! I can And Will Help you through whatever you are facing in life with dignity, grace, and conviction. Together we will find the answers and get through the obstacles and rejoice in the joys of your life! For over 30 years Lani has offered spiritual advice and psychic readings through many venues including (but not limited to) phones consultations, in-person psychic readings and spiritual advice, as well as distant healings and spiritual awakenings. She is direct and compassionate, and you won't be disappointed.


Lani has been doing psychic spiritual readings and giving soul advice for over 30 years now. She loves to enlighten her clients and guide them to empower themselves, thus enriching their lives through her straight-forward approach and genuine concern for her clients. Lani is a Law of Attraction Practitioner, ordained reverend, Certified Psychic, Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, Warrior of the Spiritual Faith, PhD in Therapy and another in Divinity, as well as being a Life Coach & Trainer & Empowerment Teacher. She has been giving spiritual advice and using her clairvoyant Visions to guide others since she was born, and started reading tarot cards at 15. Lani also uses other tools like tarot, crystal balls, and gemstones during readings, Angel cards, her magickal spiritual gifts, channeling Angels and spirit guides, and more!


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