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Love & Relationships


Hello, Lakota here! I'm a natural empath and foremost an intuitive tarot reader. My readings are conducted by connecting to your higher self in order to channel through the answers you most need. My gifts allow light in your life as I am a light bringer and provide light in the darkest of times to transmute your shadow or all that is covered that needs to be known. Other gifts that I possess include the use of astrology, palmistry, and some other tools involve angel oracle and color cards, numerology and crystals for divination at your request. Some of my gifts cover areas in life including love, soulmates, suitability, relationships, overview snapshot in your life, career, and job choice if looking for a job, feeling stuck, letting go, opportunities, obstacles, future possibilities, depression, and anxiety. What's more is by using astrology, I can reveal the best career your best suited for, uncover personalities and reveal great love relationships but this will require your date of birth and the time and place to get the most accurate reading so bare that in mind. Helping others gives me great satisfaction especially through spiritual avenues but I am also a qualified crystal therapist, color therapist, aromatherapist, and enjoy to heal people naturally. Furthermore, I provide advice and knowledge on herbs and nutrition to many people. So please contact me now! :D I am easy to chat with and very trustworthy, it is part of my blueprint! This means, I will provide the answers to your questions in the most truthful manner and will not sugarcoat. It’s against my ethos so please understand. I am also a true empath and non-judgmental about any questions you might ask so be at ease and give me a buzz. Many thanks. Thank you Love and gratitude Lakota


I have over 7 years of tarot experience providing readings to my friends, colleagues, family, and acquaintances. My readings have been most accurate and have helped people in various situations. Over the years I have found that each and every reading I provide gives me a great deal of joy by helping individuals through trying times. It is my goal to truly give deeply connected readings to allow people the well-needed support and reduce the restless need for answers and advice which we all need at certain times in our life’s. To be honest, I don't really engage in the predicting of times and events especially in regards to love as it can push love actually further away and take more time if you put a date on it. Please be patient, love comes naturally and it's important to be ready for it wholeheartedly. As I have conducted so many readings and help the public, I do genuinely sense people's emotions and apply my best to help find the solutions. Well, great people, I send you many blessings, for now, take care.




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