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Lady Serana
Lady Serana
Relationship Problems
Lady Serana


Hello Everyone! I am LadySerana. Since I was a child, I knew I had a special gift. I started to read tarot cards at the age of 14 years old. When high school came, I did some small readings with some students and some with my friends and they were all amazed at what cards were accurate. I must've earn my gift from my grandmother. She was a white witch, palm reader, and tarot reader. She was very accurate with all of her readings. She once told me to always keep positive even if the cards are negative. She is my greatest supporter alongside my mother and sister. When I read my cards, I am straight to the point. Not a lot of people like that, but there are those who come back for more and even bring more clients. I am always here to help as much as possible. I show big smiles and have love and energy to always keep your kind set.


I have had about 6 years experience with my tarot reading. I was born with a gift, but I started to do more readings around my teenage years, roughly 15-18 years old. I did a lot of readings while in high school and lots of students were shock when my readings were very accurate. Some teachers were a little skeptical about it as well, but some teachers always come back. It never interfered with my studies or became a distraction. I never charged anyone for reading. As I grew older and some of those students moved on from their lives. Some can be rude about the readings, but many are astounded that they never want to leave. I don't want anyone to leave either. I love to have my clients come back and ask for more readings daily. It never was a bother to me when clients would explain their situation and none has ever felt judged by me. I am a helper, not a judge. When they feel comfortable explaining their situation, I know when their minds are set at ease and we can get started. I am always excited to see old clients and new clients. I am ready to take on more and more daily.

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Jun 8, 2020
didn’t answer my question, I have more info than she gave me
Jun 7, 2020
Dec 2, 2019
Nov 17, 2019
I don’t have much funds and you’re not answering my questions.
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