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My ultimate goal is to provide clarity, comfort, and authentic readings. I pride myself on my honest, true to heart readings. This not only to provides clarity to my clients, but also a sense of comfort. Everyone asks questions and my job is to answer them. This will not only give you peace of mind, you will feel enlightened and ready to face a new day. Many of my past clients have loved the different ways I provide my readings. I rely heavily on empathy, clarity, and honesty to make sure that you are getting the most out of every reading that you do with me. I engage with my clients to make sure I am touching every topic they wish to have answered. I go in-depth and to great lengths to satisfy each and every one of my clients. I reach out and get to know my clients. Many of my clients have come back and given my follow ups on the readings I have done for them. This not only provides a great one-on-one session, but it also helps me to provide 100% accuracy on all of my readings. Clients of mine love everything from my palm readings, to my Good Luck, Fertility, Love & Lust, and Safety spells, and also to my numerology readings. While I provide a wide array of services to provide, this instills a sense of comfort in my clients knowing that they will receive nothing short of amazing. Readings are meant to be an experience that will excite you and bring understanding to you. I understand that our biggest concerns in life rely on Love and Fortune. Many people ask the universe for answers in what they will obtain in their lifetime. They ask if they will find love one day. I seek to answer those questions for you and I intend to make sure that all of your questions have been answered. Please understand: I will not perform dark magic or spells with the intent to cause harm. There are many talented persons out there that will do such things. Unfortunately, this is not what I seek to provide.


To learn more about me, you will have to understand my heritage and where I have come from. I am a third-generation clairvoyant psychic who has learned to see with amazing clarity. My great-grandmother provided to me: my first numerology and Angel tarot deck. These decks inspired me to learn and my great-grandmother was eager to teach. She explained to me the importance of numbers and the faces of the cards that many people simply play with. I learned how to properly decipher and read an Angel tarot deck. I was eager to learn how to see into a crystal ball and how to decipher the meaning in the way a pendulum swings. She taught me how to record my dreams in a journal, ensuring that I understood everything in my dreams was a sign to note down. She taught me the power of the stars, their layouts and meanings, and the power of numbers. When I was ten years old, I began teaching myself herbs and candle making. At sixteen years old, I began to hone my newfound skills by providing readings to friends and family members. It was in that moment that I realized I had found one of my loves: providing readings to those who wanted and needed it. I learned to make spells in a bag for my friends to carry should they need an instant boost, incantations to say over homemade candles, experimenting and teaching myself medium work, an extension of clairvoyant ability... As a young adult, I have done video calls, chats, forums; and my clients love who I am. Unfortunately, I was due a hiatus. With reluctance, I had decided to take a hiatus from my video chat platform. My clients were disappointed but they never failed to keep in touch with me. From letters to postcards, emails to follow up calls, they always made sure they kept me up to date with the happenings in their lives. Now, I’ve decided to come off of my two year long hiatus. I have decided to return to a passion that has been with me ever since birth. I’m here to provide everyone with the answers that they deserve.

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Nov 25, 2017
I feel so much better now that I heard what she was telling me
Nov 24, 2017
great! gave me all the answers I need! get personality! straightforward with the answers that I had for read. thanks again
Nov 20, 2017
Nov 20, 2017
Nov 14, 2017
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