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Spiritual Reading


Over the years I have gathered many gifts such as being an empathic-intuitive, clairvoyant and clairaudient. As a second-generation psychic I am able to read the energy around people and situations. With these powerful insights, my clients are empowered with the best information for making decisions. I have learnt my skills the hard way myself. Born with an exceptional ability to communicate with spirit, my main aim is to guide you through life's challenges in an honest and compassionate way. I will channel your spirit guides and mine, to give you direct answers in the following areas: Love and relationships, marriage, family, career, and spiritual growth. If you are looking to get straight to the point, feel free to connect with me and we will see what the energies reveal about you, your life path and where you are destined to be. Love and Light and Bright Blessings. Love, LadyB.


I can see and feel into your body and aura, as well as that of those you ask about. I will use my psychic and counselling abilities to help you heal hurts, dissolve blockages and clarify intentions so you can live the life you dream of. My talents include sensing, feeling, hearing, seeing and telepathic soul communication. I can honestly say that it has not been an easy road at times, however, this has allowed me to become confident that I am now able to give you a reading without any doubts or worries. Reading energies is such a joy as this can not only allow you to truly see your situation from a different perspective, but, this can also allow you to really see the truth within yourself as well. I am also offering physic counseling which can allow you to start alleviating obstacles and to start seeing a new way forward. I do look forward to connect with you in the very near future and to seek a new and or different way forward. Love and Light. Love, LadyB

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Oct 1, 2019
i am so grateful to have ever come acrossed her. I feel connected with her in every session, everything she told came to pass she always said not to worry :) .
Sep 25, 2019
what a great guide on point and has helped me alot
Sep 24, 2019
Sep 23, 2019
thank you ??
Sep 23, 2019
good thanks and please finish the rest of reading ok
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